About NMC

Nusantara Muslim California (NMC) was established in 1992 in San Bernardino, California.  There were approximately 25 Indonesian Muslim families living in the vicinity.  NMC was formed to address the need of educating the basic teaching of Islam and fostering a strong sense of community amongst the Indonesian Muslim families.  Initially, NMC was called Nusantara Muslim Club but was changed consequently to Nusantara Muslim California in the follow year.  NMC had the opportunity to share a place of worship with a local Muslim community conducting weekly religious gathers, Sunday school, and other religious activities.  However, in 2000 this place was no longer available due to several reasons.  NMC has been conducting bi-weekly religious meetings ever since from member house to another.

Nusantara Muslim California (NMC) has now grown to consist of over 70 families throughout the Inland Empire areas.  Bi-weekly halaqa is still being held at our location.  Some of current activities include;

  • Sunday School (reading Quran / Islamic values (Ahklaq) for children from ages 3-18 from 11:00 am – 3:30 pm.
  • Youth activities including basketball and self defense.
  • Gathering for Muslim Holidays such as Ramadan prayers during Ramadan, when a member of the community has deceased, marriage ceremony, Aqiqah, and various other religious activities.

Nusantara Muslim California (NMC) is now registered as a nonprofit organization in the State of California.  It was incorporated and recorded by the State of California on April 9, 2011 filed under document 3367726.  Nusantara Muslim California has a tax ID # 27-357811.

            The Board of Directors of Nusantara Muslim California consists of 11 family members.  There is no formal membership.  Everyone is welcome and encourage to participate and contribute to this community by advancing the teaching of our Prophet Muhammad saw.