Masjid At Taqwa NMC Building Proposal




1.0 Executive Summary / Introduction

1.1 Brief History of Nusantara Muslim California NMC

1.2 Objectives

1.3 Proposed Funding
1.4 Keys to Success

1.5 Conclusion



2.0 Project Description
2.1 Ownership / Seller information
2.2 Owner / Listing Agent Contact Information
2.3 Improvements and Renovations

2.4 Phases in Planning and Development



3.0 Market Appraisal Zillow

3.1 Market Appraisal

3.2 Overall General Housing Market Analysis



4.0 Financials



  • Listing from Ziprealty
  • Property information from
  • NMC EIN number from Dept of Treasury IRS










1.0 Executive Summary / Introduction

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation in the world with a total population of 230,000,000 people whom 200,000,000 of them are Muslims (87%).  Indonesia has more than 17,500 islands making it the largest archipelago in the world.  The country is richly endowed with abundance natural resources.

Unfortunately Indonesian Muslims in the United States and in most other countries do not have a permanent place of worship of their own so that the true beauty of Indonesia is seldom heard.  Only in a few instances is Indonesia heard, for example at the event of 9/11 and the building controversy of “Ground Zero” Mosque recently in New York.

This lack of having a permanent place to worship becomes an obstacle for the younger Indonesian Muslim generations, especially in their efforts to learn and understand their place of origin.  As we all know, there is an increasing number of Indonesian Muslim youth in America which have never set foot on Indonesia’s soil.  It is inevitable the beautiful name of Indonesia will not be heard in these future generations.  These Indonesian Muslim “lost generations” have become a major concern and something we want to avoid.  One of the main reasons is that most Indonesian Muslims prefer to gather with other non Indonesian Muslim organization without being involved with the overall operation of that organization.  Therefore we feel the need to have a place of our own so that we would be able to arrange our own religious activities and events for ourselves.  Not only will it become a place of worship, it will also become a place of gathering for our community, a place where our future generation will be guided, and an investment that will surely be rewarded in this world and in the year after.  Insya Allah.

It is very unfortunate for the Indonesian Muslims whose country has the largest Muslim population and yet have not been able to establish a mosque in the United States.  Muslims from Bangladesh, a country considered behind Indonesia in the 1980’s, have many places of worship of their own comparable to places of worship established by Pakistan and other countries.  Currently, there is only one Indonesian Muslims mosque in the United States.  It is located in the east coast, more specifically in New York City.  However, in the west coast of the United States, Indonesian Muslims do not have a permanent place of worship of their own, a place that will enable the younger Indonesian Muslim generations of the United States to learn and appreciate their true Indonesian heritage.

The recent fallout of the housing market has given us a golden opportunity to finally acquire a place we can call ourselves, a place that will be considered the first mosque build on the West Coast of America built by the Indonesian community.  This Mosque will be a gift from the Indonesian Muslims community for Muslims in America.

Insya Allah, with the help of our members and contributors, this dream of one of having a Mosque built by the Indonesian community in the West Coast will become a reality in the near future.



1.1 Brief History of Nusantara Muslim California NMC


Nusantara Muslim California (NMC) was established in 1992 in San Bernardino, California.  There were approximately 25 Indonesian Muslim families living in the vicinity.  NMC was formed to address the need of educating the basic teaching of Islam and fostering a strong sense of community amongst the Indonesian Muslim families.  Initially, NMC was called Nusantara Muslim Club but was changed consequently to Nusantara Muslim California in the follow year.  NMC had the opportunity to share a place of worship with a local Muslim community conducting weekly religious gathers, Sunday school, and other religious activities.  However, in 2000 this place was no longer available due to several reasons.  NMC has been conducting bi-weekly religious meetings ever since from member house to another.

Nusantara Muslim California (NMC) has now grown to consist of over 70 families throughout the Inland Empire areas.  Bi-weekly halaqa is still being held at our location.  Some of current activities include;

  • Sunday School (reading Quran / Islamic values (Ahklaq) for children from ages 3-18 from 11:00 am – 3:30 pm.
  • Youth activities including basketball and self defense.
  • Gathering for Muslim Holidays such as Ramadan prayers during Ramadan, when a member of the community has deceased, marriage ceremony, Aqiqah, and various other religious activities.

Nusantara Muslim California (NMC) is now registered as a nonprofit organization in the State of California.  It was incorporated and recorded by the State of California on April 9, 2011 filed under document 3367726.  Nusantara Muslim California has a tax ID # 27-357811.

            The Board of Directors of Nusantara Muslim California consists of 11 family members.  There is no formal membership.  Everyone is welcome and encourage to participate and contribute to this community by advancing the teaching of our Prophet Muhammad saw.






1.1 Objectives

Our main objective is to establish the first Mosque in the West Coast of American built by the Indonesian community located at a property we have already purchased on August 4, 2011 in the amount of $98,000 located at 1018 South Lincoln Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408.

This property has already been paid in full by Nusantara Muslim California NMC, a nonprofit corporation recognized by the State of California.  Funds to obtain this property were generated through several fundraising events NMC has held since 2011 until now.  We have named the proposed Mosque “At-Taqwa”.

The overall objective is broken down into 3 major phases.

  • PHASE 1…..Secure property and location (COMPLETED)
  • PHASE II…..Building repair, parking lot and upgrade to meet city approval for public use of At-Taqwa Mosque
  • PHASE III…..Build larger building and purchase land located next to the property to accommodate additional people

Since, we have successfully purchased and established a location of our future mosque; our current goal is to secure funds in the amount of $70-100,000 to complete Phase II of the development.


1.2 Proposed Funding Needs:

The total funds needed to complete Phase II will be between $70-100,000.

The total funds needed to complete Phase III will be between $500-750,000.



1.3 Keys to Success

As with any type of venture, the key to success is a strong commitment and ability to comprehend the spiritually impact this future building will brings for ourselves, others in our community, and our future generations.  Unfortunately we as humans are designed to be forgetful.  The biggest event that we have already forgotten is the time when we all met Allah Azza Wajjal before we were born and the time when we will one day be accounted in from of Him.  (Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji’un).

Given the fact of our nature to forget, then it is a must for us to constantly remind ourselves of the benefits and the need to constantly hold fund raising events to obtain our objective.

Below are a few of the characteristics and keys to successfully obtain our objective.

  • Strong commitment / desire
  • Strong community / sense of belonging
  • Strong optimism and sense of pride
  • Ability to comprehend the physical and spiritual benefits to ourselves, others in our community, our future generations, in this world and the year after.
  • Constantly reminding ourselves


1.4 Conclusion

In final analysis, it is both feasible and a necessity to establish the first Indonesian  built mosque in the West Coast of America at the proposed property located at 1018 South Lincoln Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408.  The total amount required to complete a fully permitted Mosque will be between $70-100,000 is attainable if the Indonesian Muslim and the Muslim community in general are fully committed to this noble cause and also comprehend spiritual benefits in this world and the year after.  On a final note, it is appropriate to remind ourselves that no progress or change can happen, nor can there be any strength or power except through Allah SWT.  La hwla wa la quwwata illa billah.  We ask Allah SWT to make this idea become a reality.  Aamiin Ya Rabbal Allamin…




WaAlaikum as-Salam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.”




2.0 Project Description


This building is a Single-Family Home located at 1018 South Lincoln Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408. This property has 4 beds,  2 baths, and approximately 1,438 square feet. The property was built in 1959.  However, most of the interior walls, bathrooms, and fixtures have been upgraded.  The overall lot size is approximately 0.63 acres or 27,573 sq ft, more than enough to accommodate parking for 75 cars.


The property is currently in a light industrial zone.  According to the City of San Bernardino, a light industrial zone is used for commercial or public institutions and further housing permits are not issued or permitted.  Religious buildings such as churches, mosques or synaqoes are permitted to be built in the light industrial zone according t the City of San Bernardino.  In fact, there is a church 4 property away north of this property and several other churches within a one mile radius.


Currently, the said property can be used for a regular religious meeting taking place approximately 2-3 times a month amongst people who know each other and does not advertise to the general public.  These meetings are considered to be private parties.  At its current state, the building does not require any additional permits to hold such meetings.


For it to become a Mosque or community center, then it has to obtain what is called a Development Permit TYPE 2 (DP2-Dev. Review Committee).  A Development Permit TYPE 2 can be obtained through the City of San Bernardino.  It is considered religious facility under the city’s section 18-14-040 D.  The Development Permit TYPE 2 process takes approximately 6 months and requires a processing fee of $7,039.80.  Another $413.45 is required for the Fire Department of The City of San Bernardino to inspect and issue a public safety certification.  A town hall meeting to determine the establishment of a mosque or church is necessary according to The City Planning Department of San Bernardino, CA.


Currently, we have hired the services of;


5982 Hinckley Street, Loma Linda, CA 92354


Federal ID No. 564-67-6327 (see attached contract agreement).


His fees consist of $4,000.00 at approval of contract, $3,000.00 at planning submittal, and $2,000.00 at planning approval for a grant total of $9,000.00.  His services will include all necessary site plans, engineering, conduct reviews with city planners, and conduct the town hall meeting until our permit is issued.


Mr. Shakil Patel has designed, developed and obtain permits of the Islamic Center of Inland Empire located in the city of Rancho Cucamonga, The mosque in Ontario, The mosque in Corona, and many others.



2.4 Phases in Planning and Development


Planning of the establishment of At Taqwa Mosque will take place in 3 phases.  Phase 1 is the purchase of the property with a cash transaction which is now completed.  Phase 2 will consist of renovation, repairs and obtaining a fully approved Type 2 Developmental Permit so that the Mosque will be permitted for public use.  Phase 3 will consist of constructing a larger building which will accommodate approximately 150 people.



Phases of Development




PHASE I   ( until Des 2011) COMPLETED

Total Funds Needed ==è $ 98.000


  • Obtaining Tax ID #
  • Obtaining bank account
  • Establishing PO.BOX NMC
  • Submitting to the IRS for NMC as a Non-profit entity and to the State
  • Internal fundraising within NMC members
  • External fundraising outside NNC members
  • Search for potential property and location
  • House Inspection with contractor

(The objective is to fully know and understand the detailed full breakdown of repairs and renovation of the building)

  • Deal with owner
  • Secure Property and Close Escrow


PHASE II  (Aug 2011 – Des 2013)

Total Funds Needed  ===è $70.000 – $100.000


  • Submit application to the City of San Bernardino
  • Conduct Town Hall
  • Construction of parking lot.
  • Build handicapped accessible male and female restroom per city’s requirement.
  • Building a full size basketball court.
  • Building an additional storage facility.



Improvements and renovations for PHASE II

After physically surveying the property, a rough estimate of approximately $77,800 for improvements and renovations required by the City of San Bernardino to obtain a Type 2 Development Permit .  Permits are required to add or remove exiting rooms in the building.  Mr. Shakil Patel will conduct all necessary plans and engineering outlined by the City of San Bernardino’s planning department.

The following is an approximation of all the improvement and or renovations plus all necessary costs involved in order to obtain a fully recognized Type 2 Development Permit.  This will end PHASE II and At-Taqwa Mosque will be a fully permitted religious building open to the public.


No. Types of Improvements/Repairs Estimated Cost of
Materials Only
1 Handicapped Restrooms $7,000.00
2 Outside doors $1,000.00
3 Wall / Beam break downs $1,500.00
5 Plumbing $1,000.00
7 Electric $800.00
8 Paint (interior) $500.00
9 Patio improvement $3,000.00
10 Storage $500.00
11 Gate $2,000.00
12 Decorations $2,000.00
13 Asphalt for Parking Lot $35,000.00
14 Tress, flowers $2,000.00
15 Shakil Patel Services $9,000.00
16 Application for Permit $7,500.00
17 Misc Expenses (Town Hall etc) $5,000.00
Funds Needed $77,800.00  

PHASE III  (Jan 2014 – Finish)

Total Funds Needed =è $500.000-750.000


  • Complete New building structural engineering
  • Asphalt additional parking lots
  • Acquire land next to current location.
  • Others




Public Records


Mosque’s Activities / Program


  • Jama’ah prayer
  • Thursday afternoon.… Al-Quran Learning
  • Friday noon……………Jummuah Prayer
  • Friday afternoon……… Interfaith / Muallaf
  • Saturday morning…….Children class
  • Saturday Afternoon….. Regular Halaqa







4.0 Financials

Cost of Property
Listing price $85,000
Cost to demolish & other deductions $35,000
Fair Value Price $50,000

**The cost to restore/repair the property in the amount of an additonal $65,000 will be done by obtaining an equity line of credit and through several months of fund raising