Masjid At Taqwa Plan

Our main objective is to establish the first Mosque in the West Coast of American built by the Indonesian community located at a property we have already purchased on August 4, 2011 in the amount of $98,000 located at 1018 South Lincoln Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408.

This property has already been paid in full by Nusantara Muslim California NMC, a nonprofit corporation recognized by the State of California.  Funds to obtain this property were generated through several fundraising events NMC has held since 2011 until now.  We have named the proposed Mosque “At-Taqwa”.

The overall objective is broken down into 3 major phases.

  • PHASE 1…..Secure property and location (COMPLETED)
  • PHASE II…..Building repair, parking lot and upgrade to meet city approval for public use of At-Taqwa Mosque
  • PHASE III…..Build larger building and purchase land located next to the property to accommodate additional people

Since, we have successfully purchased and established a location of our future mosque; our current goal is to secure funds in the amount of $70-100,000 to complete Phase II of the development.